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I have known Debbie and her team for more than 3 years, her and her team are truly great people, they take care of the trucks, and cars and rigs like they were the owner. They are honest, hardworking and professional people, and they love to have a good time. If you have a fleet or a solo truck and need help these are the people you need to call. Tell them Ken sent ya.

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This was my second time at UTS with my 99 Dodge diesel. With 200,000 miles I figured I'd get some preventative maintenance done with a valve adjustment and have my hoses replaced. They also diagnosed that the exhaust leak I had noticed was from a cracked exhaust manifold. which I had them replace. After a couple days in the shop a girl calls me up to say there's nothing wrong with my heater hoses and do I really want them replaced. I told her yes, I just had the main hoses replaced at a New Mexico Dodge dealer and wanted all the rest replaced to assure no future problems. Thank you UTS - you exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond.

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I really like the team at Ultimate Truck Service. The facility is organized with the latest technology to do the job right. The thing that I appreciate most of all though is the staff and owners are genuinely nice people, and they work efficiently together. They listen well. Their work is top notch. I also have seen them do fun events at their location for the community. I highly recommend Ultimate Truck Service.

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My company has been using this shop for 11 years. Early on I made the decision to spend my time driving and generating revenue rather than trying to do maintenance. So Dave and Debbie got my business. From those humble beginnings, Dave and Debbie and their mechanics have been a major factor in the success of my company. As any business owner knows, if the equipment doesn't work, you're not earning any money and, more importantly, your customers are not happy with you!! So if you need a shop that can accurately and quickly diagnose your equipment problems AND get it fixed and you back on the road, then you should give this shop your business. I'm glad I did. Tom Oliver, owner, T R Oliver Trucking Inc.

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I am very impressed with the professionalism of this shop. The people are good to communicate effectively, are upbeat and they do great work. I toured their shop and they had great up-to-date technology and the place was clean and seemed organized. There was fun yet professional banter between the owners and employees which made me comfortable that employees enjoy working here and are treated well. Very nice, trustworthy people.

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